15 Full-Length Yoga Prehab® Classes That Target Problems Areas Like Your Knees, Hips, Low Back, Shoulders, and Neck.

Release Tightness, Stiffness, and Improve Your Range of Motion In Just ONE Class.



Email Hunch Buster Flow

45 Min

Release areas that are commonly affected when you sit for long periods or find yourself stuck in long commutes in your car or working at a desk.

Stiff Neck Fix

43 Min

With gentle movement linked with your breath, you will melt away tension and dissolve pain in and around your neck without "cranking" on angry tissues.

Rounded Shoulder Reset

47 Min

This flow will get out of the hunchy, crunchy rounded shoulders positioning which can result in upper back pain, lost range of motion in your neck.

Neck + Shoulder Reset

47 Min

This flow is great for the end of the day if your neck and shoulders are feeling sore or cranky.  This flow will leave you free up your neck, jaw, and in between your shoulders.

Mid-Spine Reset Flow

47 Min

The mid-back is typically an area of your spine that takes a beating from prolonged standing and sitting.  This flow frees up mid-back pain + stiffness -- FAST!

Mid + Low Back Reset

47 Min

This yummy flow will help you melt away mid and low back tension while gently restoring deep core strength to support your entire spine from top to bottom.

Mid + Low Back Pain Reliever

54 Min

Release chronically tight muscles in your entire lumbar region.  This flow is the perfect follow-up to complement the Mid + Low Back Reset Flow.

Side Body Release Flow

47 Min

Ever had pain or a "kink" or stabbing pain in the side of your low back? This flow will help gently release your side body and leave your low back feeling supple and more mobile.

Low Back Release Flow

47 Min

This session will dive deeper into your hips and low back to get right to the culprit of your low back pain -- reduced movement in your lower spine and tight hips.  

Hip Restore Flow

45 Min

Immobility and tightness in your hips can lead to hip pain disguised as back pain especially if it's one-sided.  This session is great after a long day at work or whenever you're feeling stuck or stiff in your hips and low back.

Hip Flexors + Hamstrings Reset

52 Min

Easily free up tight hip flexors and hamstring that can cause referred leg pain, sciatica, low back stiffness and the list goes on. This gentle reset will leave you feeling delicious.

Hip + Pelvis Reset

52 Min

Pelvic torsion or rotated pelvis can throw off your SI joints and your entire low back leaving you constantly sore, stiff, and possibly in pain. This will be your go-to session when you feel your pelvic alignment is off!

Happy Hips + Hamstrings

49 Min

This fun flow will leave you feeling light and happy.  Our hips tend to hold a lot of our emotions, so just be patient with yourself if something negative comes up during the session.  Know that it is being released from your body and you no longer have to carry it with you.

Sticky Hips Release

45 Min

Ever get a crick in your hip like when you stand up after sitting for a long time and feel a catch?  Yeah, I know it well!   Here's a great session to free up your hip sockets, gently stretch the joint capsules of your hips for greater mobility. 

Reset + Restore Chair Yoga

46 Min

This full-body session will leave you feeling open, free, and ready to conquer the day if you use it in the morning, or totally relaxed if you're winding down your day.



✔︎  You want to heal and prevent painful, stiff joints from limiting your mobility!

✔︎  You crave an easy, gentle, non-complicated yoga practice from the comfort of your own home!

✔︎  You desire a safer yoga practice to improve your mobility and achieve comfortable movement!

✔︎ You want to optimize your neck, back, hip, and knee health and prevent pain + stiffness before it even begins — the best rehab is prehab!

✔︎  You need an easy-to-understand instructor and a Physical Therapy-based approach to keep you safe during your yoga practice!




▶️  15 Easy-To-Follow Full-Length Physical Therapy-Based Yoga Classes

45-60 min Variations

 ✅ Beginner Friendly

"I am no stranger to Tristan Gatto's courses and classes. To say he's a body genius is an understatement! His straight forward direction and kind demeanor make learning the techniques in this course and his others very user-friendly. Even for this aging body, I am able to do most of the movements and exercises he teaches. LOVE LOVE LOVE his stuff!" - Joan


Note: Individual results may vary, testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are from real students, and may not reflect the typical student's experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique level of commitment, experiences, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences shared above by other students may not reflect the typical users’ experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what individual students of this program have achieved.


This signature combination of yoga and Physical Therapy-based methods are doctor-approved and safe for everyone – I walk you through step-by-step, simple-to-follow whole body strengthening and yoga flows to improve your mobility and maximize your comfort.

Each workout acts on your body as a whole, applying optimal anatomy and joint alignment knowledge, so each session works to build deep strength and greater flexibility, even gently. You’ll find yourself actually enjoying exercise–at the level you truly need.




“What I really love about Tristan‘s courses is that he combines yoga with restorative care. Keeping in mind all the knowledge base that a Physical Therapist has related to safety for joints and overall generalized movements. I think that the videos are well thought out and the progression either every day or every week is adequate…the tips, the modifications that he gives are fantastic. They’re for every level and I highly recommend his videos. You will be completely satisfied. I just know it!“

Michele Wahl, Licensed Physical Therapist


From retirees to celebrities, Tristan has helped people all over the world learn how to eliminate pain + stiffness without medications through physical therapy-based yoga and joint-safe mobility techniques that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

As the creator of Yoga Prehab® and Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, he is a pioneer in prehabilitative therapeutic practices that are designed for ALL LEVELS, doctor-approved, and medically reviewed by leading physical rehabilitation professionals for safety and efficacy.

Each Yoga Prehab® course is developed with an emphasis on easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, time-saving body rejuvenation tools you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine.

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